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Strategic Data Consulting, Lucrative Investment Paths"

Explore unique investment opportunities in Bolivia, connecting you to two thriving industries: high-quality fertilizer production and lithium extraction. With our strong connections in Bolivia and our base in Chicago, we offer a unique gateway for investors seeking strategic partnerships in these lucrative sectors.


Explore a unique investment opportunity in high-quality fertilizer production. We proudly represent the NPK plant, the first compound fertilizer industrial complex in Bolivia, sourcing Nitrogen (N) from the Ammonia and Urea Plant of YPFB, Phosphorus (P) from the Capinota province, and Potassium (K) from the YLB Plant in Lippi Lippi, Nor Upez province of Uyuni in the Potosi department. Invest in sustainable agriculture and align with excellence in fertilizer manufacturing.

Fertilizer Delivery


Embark on a strategic partnership for seamless lithium mining operations. Through our exclusive connections, we facilitate an efficient operational setup for your lithium mining facility, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process. Our network of investors not only streamlines your operational complexities but also provides an opportunity to access high-purity lithium directly from Bolivia to the USA. Invest with confidence in a venture that combines operational excellence with the promise of pristine Bolivian lithium for your industry needs.

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